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 Home is where the heart is.

– Roomloving –

Roomloving is a brand of MIDAS that sells quilt, carpets for your home. It is inspired by human love for the space in which they live. We believe that the love and comfort of being in your own room will be an endless source of inspiration for you to discover many exciting things.

Our Approach,

We make quilt & carpets with human attention on fine colors and the distinctive from design to manufacture. 

We constantly explore fresh and creative ways to create new rugs, quilt by utilizing current trends.

At Roomloving, we are concerned about our clients and partners!

We try to promote a welcoming and imaginative workplace, and we’ll always have someone available to address any inquiries. Above all, we want to create long-lasting relationships built on a common appreciation of innovation and value.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create attractive, unique, and creative floor coverings to inspire and love in all of us in decorating the living environment. We want the room to not only be beautiful and contain every love of the owner.

Business Philosophy

In terms of business, Roomloving likewise hopes for a successful future. We do not wish to establish a transient business. 

Therefore, sustainable development is crucial. Continually strengthening and growing the business will preserve the identity and culture of the company.

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ROOMLOVING SOLUTIONS LTD is a brand of MIDAS that specializes in selling specially designed and unique quilt blankets and rugs, especially butterfly blankets. At Roomloving, each design we have is unique and personalized for your own taste.


  • Address 1: 33 West Street, Torrensville, Adelaide, SA 5031, Australia

  • Address 2: 9530 Lackland Rd, St. Louis, MO 63114, United States

  • Hotline 1: +61 416 910 407

  • Hotline 2: +1 (747)3027108

  • Support Time: Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM EST

  • Email: [email protected]